Q: What can I expect to happen at a Better Off Read GR book discussion?

A: You can expect a lot of laughter, chatting, and fun. Each discussion will start with some icebreaker questions like, “How did you feel about the book?” Jordan and James will have a prepared list of questions to help guide conversation, but tangents are welcome.

Q: Do I need to finish the book to attend discussion? What if I don’t like it?

A: Finishing the book is encouraged but not required. We recommend you read at least the first third of the book if you want to participate, but we’ve had people read less and still contribute well to conversation. If you don’t enjoy the book, come tell us why!

Q: Can I attend if I am not 20-39 years old?

A: Yep! The age range is our target audience, but all adults are welcome.

Q: How long does a book discussion last?

A: Oh, it depends on the book and the crowd. We’ve finished in as little as 45 minutes or gone as long as 2 hours. You’re welcome to arrive late or leave early if you need to; just try to let Jordan or James know if advance.

Q: Where are the events?

A: The event location varies but always remains within Grand Rapids city limits and support a locally owned business. Location information will be clearly indicated on the individual event.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question or suggestions?

A: Contact Jordan or James through the Contact page here, email betteroffreadgr@gmail.com, or fill out our anonymous survey we send at the end of each event to make sure we’re aligned with your hopes, dreams, and desires.